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Why Choose Light My Landscape?

  1. Bunny Frank and Light My Landscape are one of seventeen companies worldwide (and the only female) to be an invited member of the International Academy of Architectural Landscape Lighting.

  2. Light My Landscape has what no other Low Voltage Architectural Landscape Lighting Company has. We have the award winning Bunny Frank as our Founder/Creative Director and Visual Artist. Each of her low voltage architectural landscape lighting masterpieces is indicative of her daring vision and passion for creative expression. Bunny’s artistry is unmatched anywhere especially in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

  3. Our architectural and structural lighting designs are unsurpassed in quality and excellence.

  4. Our lighting techniques and designs will turn any landscape into an outdoor work of art. A Nighttime Outdoor Low Voltage Architectural Landscape Lighting Masterpiece.

  5. Old world craftsmanship with 21st century technology. No time clocks, no photocells.

  6. We’re Artists. We possess the ability to understand the principle of how different levels of light intersect and transition with the land, the structure and the landscape plantings.

  7. We’re Professionals who are committed to excellence.

  8. We use only the best products and materials available.

  9. We follow the NEC (National Electric Code).

  10. We “hot” solder all connections and seal them in gel capsules-no corrosion!

  11. We adhere to the most stringent installation policies and practices.

  12. We’re Licensed and Insured.

  13. We provide Maintenance Agreements with all commissions.

  14. We can provide Lifetime Warranties.

  15. We create working “as Installed” drawings for future references-no lost Hubs/Spider boxes.

  16. We amp and volt test every connection.

  17. We’re visionaries! We’re not only your out-door low voltage architectural landscape lighting designer and installer, we’re your exterior decorator. We harmonize the exterior with the interior! There is nothing on the outside that we haven’t done directly or provided the talent to do it; Landscape services - Architectural, Installation, Master Gardner, Pest Control, Fertilization, Furniture, Pottery, Sculptures, Irrigation …

  18. Bunny and her talented team of artistic illuminators will travel near (Miami-Dade, Weston, Plantation, Boca Raton, Vero Beach) and far (New Jersey, Michigan, California, Canada, the Caribbean) to Awaken the Beauty of Your PropertySM

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